Best AI Color Palette Generators in 2024

In the realm of design, color selection is pivotal. It can evoke emotions, convey messages, and shape perceptions. However, designers can take time and effort to identify the perfect color palette, often requiring time-consuming experimentation and iteration. Enter AI color palette generators and innovative tools that leverage the power of artificial intelligence to streamline this process and empower designers with efficient solutions.

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AI color palette generators utilize advanced algorithms, often based on machine learning techniques, to analyze images, understand color relationships, and generate harmonious color schemes. These tools can significantly expedite design while ensuring coherence and aesthetic appeal.

Benefits of AI Color Palette Generators

The adoption of AI color palette generators brings forth several advantages for designers:

  • Time Efficiency: By automating the color selection process, these tools save designers significant time that would otherwise be spent manually experimenting with different color combinations. This time efficiency allows designers to focus more on the creative aspects of their work, making them feel more efficient and productive.
  • Inspiration and Exploration: AI color palette generators can inspire creativity by suggesting unique color combinations that designers may not have considered initially, thus encouraging exploration and experimentation.
  • Consistency and Coherence: With algorithms designed to ensure color harmony, these generators facilitate the creation of cohesive design elements, maintaining consistency across various aspects of a project.
  • Accessibility: Accessible to seasoned professionals and aspiring designers, AI color palette generators democratize design by providing intuitive tools that anyone can use, regardless of their level of expertise.

AI Colors

AI Colors is an innovative color palette generator driven by artificial intelligence, empowering users to craft visually captivating palettes for their projects effortlessly. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 model, the tool seamlessly transforms text prompts into stunning and exclusive color schemes.



ColorMagic utilizes artificial intelligence to generate custom color palettes from either keywords or images. By harnessing the power of AI, users can access a diverse array of color schemes tailored to their preferences, spanning from specific visuals to more conceptual themes.



Brandmark serves as a versatile color wheel utility tailored for logo, illustration, or graphic design projects in grayscale. It guarantees a sleek, flat design by restricting the palette to fewer than 10 indexed colors in Photoshop. Additionally, it offers customizable options to refine color schemes, including analogous, complementary, and other variations.


Designs AI Colors is an AI-driven color palette generator equipped with diverse features, enabling you to craft distinctive and visually striking color schemes tailored to your projects.


Hotpot AI

The color generator from Hotpot.AI is a handy tool crafted to assist in creating color palettes. It provides an intuitive platform enabling users to effortlessly explore and craft cohesive color schemes suitable for various design applications.



Khroma stands as an AI color tool crafted for the purpose of crafting and exploring distinctive color blends. Through the selection of color palettes, users can engage a neural network-driven algorithm to generate novel hues.



Loopple is a platform tailored to aid in crafting captivating color palettes for your creative projects. One of its key features is the AI Gradient Generator, employing artificial intelligence to craft personalized gradients for your artwork.



With Palettemaker, you can design color palettes and assess their performance across pre-designed examples from diverse creative domains like logo design, UI/UX, patterns, and posters. This tool facilitates functionalities including color behavior checking and on-the-fly palette creation.


Eva Design

Eva Design simplifies the process of crafting color palettes with its online tool powered by deep learning algorithms. This generator streamlines the palette creation process, offering an enjoyable experience as you select striking color schemes for a range of design applications.



Colormind harnesses the power of AI to generate captivating color palettes for diverse design endeavors. Employing deep learning algorithms, it crafts distinctive and visually enticing schemes tailored to your projects. Whether you opt for a specified initial color or prefer Colormind’s random palette generation, it promises creative and unique results.



Huemint stands as an AI-driven color palette generator employing machine learning to craft visually captivating color schemes tailored for diverse design endeavors. What distinguishes Huemint from other tools is its unique approach: it not only generates color palettes but also offers valuable guidance on their effective application within your designs.


Color Fuse AI

Color Fuse AI is an AI-driven design tool simplifying color palette generation and visualization. Engage with the AI assistant to swiftly obtain color suggestions matching your keywords or descriptions (“vintage,” “winter,” “luxury”). Instantly create palettes with accompanying hex codes for seamless integration. Save and access palettes across design platforms, applying them effortlessly to your projects. Upgrade to the Pro plan for additional Illustrator and Photoshop extensions.


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