15 Best AI Content Detection Tools in 2024

AI Content Detection Tools are software applications or services that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to automatically identify and analyze content across different media types, such as text, images, and videos. These tools are designed to detect specific attributes, patterns, or characteristics within content and can apply to various applications, including moderation, security, compliance, grammar checking, and information retrieval.

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AI Content Detection Tools can be designed to differentiate between human-generated and machine-generated content through techniques, analysis, and features specific to each type of content. The goal is to identify whether a human has created or generated the content by an artificial intelligence system.

Here are some of the best AI content detection tools that excel in detecting various types of content across text, images, and videos:

Content At Scale

The AI Detector swiftly delivers a verdict “within seconds” upon content submission. However, this platform distinguishes itself from others by presenting a “human content score” derived from a blend of “predictability, probability, and pattern” scores.

In my experience, Content at Scale has demonstrated the ability to craft satisfactory blog posts akin to those produced by beginner to intermediate freelancers.


Percent Human

Percent Human is an educational tool that has devised an artificial intelligence (AI) model capable of identifying instances where students incorporate AI tools such as ChatGPT into their academic assignments. This tool assists educators in upholding the integrity of the educational framework by verifying that students submit authentic work completed independently.



Copyleaks distinguishes itself with its meticulous assessment at the sentence level, meticulously scrutinizing text authenticity with precision. Users not only gain insights by discerning human from artificial passages but also by identifying potentially paraphrased segments aimed at concealing AI generation, utilizing cutting-edge techniques.

This service is offered for free and can identify a diverse range of AI-driven content, including pieces generated by ChatGPT, GPT3, Human, AI & Human, and more. Additionally, you have the option to download a Chrome Extension, which can detect such content while you’re browsing pages.



Winston AI is an AI detection tool hosted on the cloud, employing machine learning to identify content generated by AI. Its purpose is to assist businesses in identifying AI-generated content across various aspects such as marketing materials, customer service interactions, and other corporate communications.

The prevalence of AI-generated content is becoming increasingly widespread. While some instances are easily recognizable, many others pose challenges in detection. One significant difficulty lies in the rapid production rate of such content—keeping pace with thousands of words per minute is formidable. Nonetheless, there are AI content detection solutions dedicated to combating this issue, with Winston AI being among them.


Corrector App

The Corrector App, typically utilized by writers to pinpoint grammatical errors in their articles, now introduces an additional feature: an AI content detection tool. This newly integrated tool, although less recognized, is provided free of charge to all users. However, it necessitates a minimum content length of 300 words. While it may serve as a convenient option for a cursory review, superior alternatives exist within the market.



AISEO stands as an AI-driven writing assistant, copywriting, and paraphrasing tool with the objective of generating human-like content efficiently and evading AI detection seamlessly. Engineered to aid users in effortlessly crafting well-structured, SEO-optimized pieces, it positions them as pioneers in content generation.

To utilize AISEO, one simply needs to visit their webpage and paste their content onto the provided pad before initiating the scan. Within a few minutes, the process highlights sections recognized as AI-generated.



The AI Detector by CrossPlag integrates machine learning and natural language processing to precisely differentiate between human-authored and AI-generated text. Drawing from a vast dataset comprising content from genuine human authors and artificial intelligence models, this tool discerns distinctive linguistic patterns inherent in each category. By conducting thorough analyses, the AI Detector adeptly forecasts whether unfamiliar texts stem from human or machine origins.

Similar to its counterparts, CrossPlag prompts users to input text into the window displayed on the screen and click the blue “Check” button. Subsequently, it furnishes an overall assessment regarding the authenticity of the content.



In a world saturated with AI-generated content, we empower individuals with transparency. GPTZero is the pinnacle of AI detection, adept at discerning ChatGPT, GPT4, Bard, LLaMa, and various other AI models.


Hugging Face

Hugging Face is a collaborative platform for the machine learning community, fostering cooperation in developing models, datasets, and applications. This dynamic hub facilitates sharing knowledge and resources, promoting innovation and advancement within machine learning. Through Hugging Face, practitioners and enthusiasts alike can engage in a collective effort to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence.


Kazan SEO



Originality AI is a groundbreaking tool designed to empower creators and publishers to verify the authenticity of their content. This multifaceted platform integrates advanced AI technology to serve as an all-in-one solution, encompassing three key functionalities: AI Checker, Plagiarism Checker, and Fact Checker.



Sapling is strategically integrated with CRMs and messaging platforms, delivering instantaneous suggestions to enhance the efficiency of sales, support, and success teams in crafting personalized responses. This innovative tool goes beyond offering conversational insights and aiding in coaching and preparing teams for optimal performance.



Writer is a platform designed to assist copywriters in refining their content through features such as grammatical suggestions, tone recommendations, and a plagiarism checker, among others.

To utilize Writer, users can either input a URL or paste text directly into the provided window. Upon clicking the “Analyze Text” button, the platform will determine the percentage of AI-generated content present in the article.



Cutting-edge AI Detection and Text Humanization Tool. Forbes Rates it as the #1 Best AI Detector! Utilize our AI detection tool to assess the AI-written nature of your text. This AI text humanizer elevates your content to the standards of human writing. By clicking “humanize,” you can eliminate AI detection, guaranteeing that your text smoothly navigates past AI detectors.


AI Detector Pro

Experience the power of the AI Detector, your key to identifying and revitalizing the traces of AI in written content. This cutting-edge tool reveals the presence of AI-generated text and seamlessly rewrites it, ensuring a refined and humanized output. Embrace precision in content assessment and enhancement with the AI Detector, your gateway to a new era of authentic, compelling, and seamlessly blended text.


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