20 Best Free Brush Fonts for Designers for 2024

In the vast and visually stimulating design world, every element is crucial in conveying messages and evoking emotions. One such powerful tool in a designer’s arsenal is using brush fonts.

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Brush fonts are a powerful tool for adding flair, creativity, and a human touch to various projects. By understanding the importance of brush fonts and mastering their usage, designers can unlock a new dimension of possibilities, creating designs that visually captivate and emotionally resonate with their audience. Embrace the brush font revolution and elevate your designs to new heights!

These bush fonts, inspired by the fluid strokes of a brush, bring a unique and artistic touch to various design projects. In this blog post, we’ll compile the best brush fonts, exploring how they can elevate your designs and captivate your audience.


Leafy is a brush handwriting font, designed by Ieva Mezule and Krisjanis Mezulis, featuring an all-uppercase style. With 95 characters and encompassing all basic glyphs, it offers versatility for various text applications. Its subtle texture and irregular strokes impart a personal handmade aesthetic, perfect for adding a unique touch to your text. Leafy is available for free download in .otf format, ensuring accessibility for all users.



Introducing Macbeth, a stunning hand-drawn font in OpenType SVG format, crafted by Oghi Novianto. Utilizing cutting-edge OpenType-SVG technology, this font retains the intricate brush details of the original handwritten letters, ensuring high resolution and visual appeal. It offers a complete set of uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuations, and additional marks for added versatility and creativity. Best of all, Macbeth is available for free, providing a unique and expressive option for your design projects.



Brusher is a contemporary brush pen font with a bold demeanor, designed by Vlad Cristea and Raul Taciu. Featuring 100 meticulously crafted glyphs, encompassing both uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuations, Brusher boasts precise and fluid brush strokes. Its distinct character, characterized by high contrast line thickness and varying letter sizes, lends a unique charm ideal for lettering and branding endeavors. Available for free download in OTF and TTF formats, Brusher offers versatility and style for your design projects.



Dreamers Brush, a bold and expressive typeface from Get Studio, exudes a distinctive charm with its grungy, rough edges reminiscent of real paint brush strokes. This font includes a comprehensive set of uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, punctuations, and multilingual support, ensuring versatility for various design projects. Moreover, Dreamers Brush is accompanied by a free for commercial use license, making it a valuable asset for both personal and professional endeavors. Available in TTF and OTF formats, this font offers flexibility and creativity for your design needs.



Hensa, a complimentary brush script typeface, offers a versatile collection of basic Latin lowercase and uppercase characters, punctuations, numerals, ligatures, and ornamental swashes. Crafted by Vlad Cristea, this semi-connected script font is ideal for enhancing logos, greeting cards, and packaging designs. Available for download in both TTF and OTF formats, Hensa provides a valuable resource for designers seeking expressive typography in their projects.



Zallord, a hand-drawn brush typeface, showcases bold uppercase and lowercase characters alongside numbers and punctuation, offering a comprehensive package. Crafted by artist Alice Whales, this captivating font exudes an authentic brush texture. It can be freely downloaded for both personal and commercial purposes from Graphic Design Freebies.



Kust is yet another captivating font crafted by the talented fashion designer and painter, Ieva Mezule (the same creative behind the admired Benaue font). Fashioned with thick strokes drawn from a brush, using black ink on sturdy paper, the resulting glyphs boast an undeniably authentic aesthetic. With a collection of 80 characters, each letter possesses its own distinct structure, exuding an unrefined yet captivatingly distorted charm. Whether for personal projects or commercial endeavors, Kust is readily available for use, adding a unique touch to any design.



Bathi is a delicate hand-lettered font, crafted with a brush pen by Twinletter. Ideal for imparting a tranquil and subtle typographic style to your projects, this font offers a soothing aura. Available for personal use at no cost (and merely $4.99 for a commercial license), its casual yet comforting design features unique flourishes that evoke a sense of fluidity and motion.


True Lies

Jonathan Harris offers the haunting True Lies font for free download for personal use. This eerie typeface is perfect for horror posters, seamlessly covering the entire alphabet, numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks. Don’t miss out on incorporating this gritty font into your projects for a rugged aesthetic.



Odachi, an exquisite Japanese-inspired creation, stems from the creative mind of UI and type designer Mehmet Reha Tugcu. Exuding an organic and ancient charm, this font seamlessly aligns with the aesthetic of a Zelda game. Among Tugcu’s remarkable array of typefaces, this brush font stands out as our favorite, particularly due to its accessibility for both personal and commercial projects.



Subtle, refined, and gentle, Takhie is the creation of designer and illustrator Nantia, available for both personal and commercial applications. Nantia has crafted numerous other exquisite fonts to aid in your projects, all accessible on her Behance Page. Additionally, for those seeking enhanced features, the pro version of Takhie is available on Nantia’s website for just $15.



Crafted by the hand brushed of Ieva Mezule, Banaue is a tranquil handwritten brush font imbued with a rustic charm and influenced by Filipino culture. The name “Banaue” originates from the Philippines, specifically from a place in the north where rice terraces adorn the mountains. Banaue boasts 104 beautifully serene characters and is available for both personal and commercial use at no cost.


The Cat Has A Hat

Inspired by the beloved tales of Dr. Seuss, Lukee Thornhill introduces The Cat Has a Hat, a font brimming with playfulness and humor. Thornhill’s ingenuity condensed over 1500 letters, numbers, and symbols created in just one weekend into this spirited collection, teeming with personality.

Although exuberant and whimsical, Thornhill ensures that The Cat Has a Hat maintains a versatility that transcends mere childishness. Available for download, this font serves various branding and marketing needs with flair. Some users have even noted its similarity to the typography used by Nando’s.



Vibrant and attention-grabbing, the Hackney Typeface exudes authenticity with its intricate paintbrush-style detailing. Featuring a rustic charm and bold lettering, this font elevates your projects to new heights. You can easily access and download this font for personal use via Dropbox.



Debby, crafted by the talented Artimasa Studio, embodies a charmingly imperfect aesthetic, offering a personal touch to your projects. This free hand-drawn font injects character and individuality, elevating your designs with its unique flair. Whether in digital or print, Debby promises to infuse your creations with personality and distinction, setting them apart from the ordinary.


Perfect Moment

The Perfect Moment font represents a lively and daring SVG typeface, adeptly mirroring the vibrancy of handcrafted brush strokes. This versatile Open Type font lends itself to crafting eye-catching headlines, titles, banners, posters, and beyond, promising to infuse your designs with a captivating energy and flair.



Crafted with a thick brush reminiscent of the traditional besom brush, this hand-drawn font aptly reflects its namesake. Featuring solely uppercase letters, it exudes a bold and impactful aura, ideal for crafting designs that stand out with their unique and distinctive designs.



Painter Font, a complimentary typeface, showcases bold brush strokes and a whimsical handwritten demeanor, rendering it a versatile option for various design endeavors. Its distinct and original appearance promises to imbue any project with a dash of personality and charm.



Crocky presents itself as a handcrafted brush typeface, characterized by its laid-back and textured brush script design. Ideal for branding initiatives, social media content, product packaging, and any endeavor that seeks a refined handwritten aesthetic, this font offers a touch of sophistication. It’s conveniently accessible for personal use through free download.


Better Hobby

Better Hobby is a complimentary display font boasting a distinctively playful design, ideal for projects aiming to evoke joy and whimsy. Featuring vibrant highlighter markers and overlapping strokes, this font injects a lively essence into any design it graces, infusing it with a delightful charm.


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