15 Best Yacht Charter WordPress Themes 2024

Yacht charters represent the epitome of opulence and adventure in luxury travel and leisure. As the demand for exclusive yacht experiences rises, yacht charter businesses seek innovative ways to showcase their services online. Enter WordPress themes specifically designed for yacht charter companies – powerful tools that enhance visual appeal and provide seamless functionality.

Best Ready to Use Web Themes & Templates

Yacht charter businesses looking to splash in the digital realm need a robust and visually appealing online presence. The best yacht charter WordPress themes combine responsive design, captivating visuals, and essential features to create a seamless user experience.

  • Responsive Design: The best yacht charter WordPress themes boast responsive designs, ensuring a seamless user experience across various devices.
  • Captivating Visuals: Stunning visuals are paramount in the yacht charter industry. Themes with high-quality image sliders, galleries, and video integration allow businesses to showcase their fleet, destinations, and experiences visually compellingly.
  • Booking and Reservation System: An efficient booking and reservation system is crucial for yacht charter WordPress themes. These systems should be user-friendly, allowing visitors to select dates, yacht models, and additional services easily. Integration with popular payment gateways ensures smooth transactions.
  • Yacht Listings: Yacht charter themes should include dedicated sections for showcasing the fleet. Detailed listings with specifications, amenities, and high-resolution images provide potential clients with comprehensive information, fostering trust and interest.
  • Destination Pages: Highlighting the exotic destinations available for yacht charters is a crucial feature. Themes with dedicated destination pages, vibrant imagery, and detailed descriptions create a sense of allure and adventure.

By utilizing these themes effectively, yacht charter companies can navigate the competitive waters of the online marketplace, enticing clients with the promise of unparalleled luxury and unforgettable experiences on the high seas.


Introducing Lamaro – a dedicated Yacht Club WordPress Theme crafted specifically for yacht clubs, yachting sports, yacht rentals, boat and ship charters, marine services, water taxis, sea travel blogs, sailors, marine transport companies, boat taxis, and related ventures.

Lamaro comes fully equipped with all the essential WooCommerce pages, allowing you to effortlessly sell yachts, boats, ships, catamarans, cruise ships, sailors’ equipment, yacht tours, and more. This comprehensive theme includes everything you need, from professionally designed homepages to over 20 unique shortcodes, galleries, blogs, testimonials, product catalogs, product pages, about sections, shopping carts, order pages, and beyond.



In search of a sleek, contemporary, and unique WordPress theme suitable for a yacht club, yacht rental, or boat rental business website? For businesses in this sector, having an enticing website is crucial for attracting customers. With the Bote theme, you can effortlessly craft a visually striking, ocean-inspired website that perfectly embodies your vision and customer-centric approach.



Sirene embodies a modern and captivating premium WordPress Theme designed specifically for showcasing yacht businesses and boat rental services online. Whether you’re renting out a single yacht or managing a corporate sales or rental agency, Sirene offers versatility. Its adaptability extends to various businesses, including fishing firms, sail bureaus, event celebrations, water sports ventures, sailboats, regattas, surfing schools, windsurfing centers, parasailing excursions, cruises, and yacht charters. Sirene excels in facilitating boat and yacht bookings with ease.



Catamaran represents a contemporary and captivating premium WordPress Theme tailored for showcasing yacht businesses and boat rental services online. Whether you’re renting out a single yacht or managing a corporate sales or rental agency, Catamaran offers versatility. Additionally, this theme can be adapted for various other services, including fishing firms, sail bureaus, event celebrations, water sports activities, sailboats, regattas, surfing schools, windsurfing centers, parasailing excursions, cruises, and yacht charters. Catamaran excels in facilitating boat and yacht bookings with ease.


Yacht Renta

Yacht and Boat Rental is a sleek and captivating premium WordPress Theme designed specifically for showcasing yacht businesses and boat rental services online. Whether you’re renting out a single yacht or boat, or managing a corporate page for a sales or rental agency, this theme offers versatility and style. Included are additional services such as fishing firms, sail bureaus, event celebrations, sailing excursions, water sports activities, sailboats, regattas, surfing adventures, windsurfing, parasailing, cruises, and yacht charters. With its comprehensive features, it’s an ideal choice for booking boats and yachts effortlessly.



Yacher presents a vibrant and contemporary WordPress theme tailored for boat and yacht charter services. Ideal for yacht sailing, marine services, charter bookings, and more, it caters to a range of sea-related businesses. With its polished and distinctive layout, Yacher enhances the marketing appeal of your boat or yacht rental, hotel, or vacation room website. Seamlessly customize the homepage using the Elementor page builder to align with your unique content arrangement effortlessly.



Floaty is a contemporary and robust WordPress theme tailored for Boat & Yacht Rental purposes, ideal for yacht clubs, boat charter services, yacht rental businesses, sailing websites, and marine transport enterprises. This feature-rich theme is designed to streamline the process of building your own rental platform, saving you significant time and effort.

With 4+ predefined unique homepage demos, dedicated yacht listing pages, detailed yacht renting pages, booking and management functions, as well as advanced search and filtering options, Floaty empowers you to swiftly establish a successful rental business website and increase your revenue potential.



Lanong is a specialized WordPress theme crafted with Elementor, tailored for yacht tours, rentals, travel agencies, tour packages, travel blogs, city tours, sailing trips, and yacht charters. This versatile theme is also well-suited for marine businesses, charter booking agencies, and charter selling companies. Perfect for a range of sea-related services including yacht sailing, marine services, yacht rentals, boat charters, and marine transport companies, Lanong features a uniquely designed and polished layout that enhances the homepage of your boat or yacht rental, hotel, or vacation room marketing website, allowing it to stand out.



Smooth sailing lies ahead with Seafarer, the ultimate theme designed for yachting businesses and cruise travel companies. This theme comes fully equipped with all the essentials for modern yacht charters, yacht clubs, boat rentals, water taxis, rental services, and yachting sports websites! With Seafarer, you’ll have access to features like boat rentals, charter elements, marine and sailboat presentation layouts, complete compatibility with Elementor Page Builder, and a complimentary bundled Slider Revolution plugin. Get ready to make waves with Seafarer!



Velas presents itself as an impressive new WordPress theme tailored for yacht clubs and boat rentals. With six distinct home pages divided into three demos and two single-page layouts, Velas offers versatility for various purposes. It’s an ideal choice for yacht clubs, boat rentals, charters, sailing schools, marine sports clubs, marine transport, and nautical tourism ventures. This theme boasts a comprehensive options panel, unique page transitions, and distinctive typography. Additionally, it includes the Cost Calculator plugin by Bold Theme, enabling seamless cost estimation for potential customers, and the Bold Timeline Lite plugin, both provided for free.



Introducing the Voyacht WordPress Theme, designed specifically for yacht and boat rental services, equipped with pre-defined web elements to facilitate website creation. With its user-friendly customization options and robust admin panel, Voyacht empowers clients to craft impressive websites effortlessly. Packed with features, this theme ensures a professional appearance with an attractive design. Moreover, Voyacht boasts a fully responsive layout, seamlessly adapting to various screen sizes from desktops to tablets and mobile devices, ensuring optimal viewing experiences for all users.



Yachbat stands as an exceptional premium Yacht & Boat Rental WordPress Theme, meticulously crafted for companies, rental agencies, or individual yacht owners providing rental services, along with car, motor, and boat-related offerings. Moreover, this versatile theme extends its suitability to various other services, encompassing fishing, sailing, sailboat excursions, diving adventures, water sports, surfing, windsurfing, as well as cruise and yacht charter experiences.



Amanus emerges as a robust and adaptable WordPress theme crafted specifically for yachting businesses and cruise travel companies. It comes fully loaded with all the customization tools necessary to swiftly establish a rental website. With a plethora of pre-designed pages at your disposal, you can effortlessly tailor them to suit your requirements. Furthermore, the theme seamlessly integrates with Elementor, enabling you to design pages without any coding expertise. Should you desire to set up an online store, incorporating the WooCommerce plugin is a breeze, as it comes bundled with the theme.



Yachter is a modern and resilient WordPress theme tailored for boat and yacht rental services, catering perfectly to yacht clubs, boat charters, sailing ventures, marine transport services, travel agencies, and beyond. With its extensive range of features, this theme simplifies the creation of your rental platform, minimizing both time and effort. Additionally, Yachter is translation-ready and seamlessly supports multiple languages through the WPML plugin, guaranteeing a broad global audience for your website.


Yacht Sailing

The Yacht Sailing WordPress theme is meticulously tailored for yacht, sailing, and marine businesses, as well as charter booking and selling companies. Our team invested considerable effort in comprehending the nuances of the industry, culminating in the creation of elements that empower you to construct an exceptional website effortlessly. Yacht Sailing has an impressive, modern, and sleek full-screen layout, using a 1170px Bootstrap grid system with the latest trends, such as parallax effects and scrolling, but still allows users to jump between pages in order to provide the best user experience possible.


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