30 Tools to Check Website Uptime in 2024

In the fast-paced and interconnected world of the internet, websites serve as storefronts, information hubs, and communication platforms for businesses and individuals alike. However, the seamless functioning of a website is not guaranteed. When a website is inaccessible or experiencing performance issues, downtime can harm user experience, brand reputation, and even financial success.

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Downtime can lead to lost revenue, damage brand reputation, and negatively impact user experience. Fortunately, there are powerful tools available that can help monitor and ensure website uptime.

In this blog post, we will explore some of the top tools to check website uptime and empower you to keep your online presence robust and reliable.


Atatus offers a comprehensive SaaS suite for monitoring various aspects of your applications, infrastructure, logs, users, and more. On the website, you can access a simple, free uptime checker that informs you whether your site is operational and its response time.

Simply input your URL into the designated box and click the button to initiate the check.


Dotcom Monitor

Dotcom-Monitor offers a robust SaaS solution for website monitoring and performance testing. With its platform, you can track a website’s performance and uptime trends over time. To access the free trial of the premium product and check a website’s status, you must sign up using a business email address and a verifiable phone number.

After registration, simply input your domain name, and the tool will provide insights into the website’s status, speed, and any ongoing issues.



Downdetector, originating from the UK, serves as a tool to monitor the status of well-known websites.

It’s important to note that you can’t examine individual sites through this tool; instead, you can only inquire about the status of the listed popular websites and applications. Downdetector provides an extensive list, including renowned platforms such as AT&T, YouTube, Spotify, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, UPS, and many others, offering comprehensive insights into potential service disruptions.



Downinspector functions as a real-time tracker for web service outages.

On its homepage, you’ll find convenient links to swiftly assess the status of popular websites. Additionally, there’s a summary of the most frequently reported websites and their associated issues. To determine if your site is experiencing downtime, you can utilize the free uptime checking tool. Simply input your URL into the designated field and click the button. Down Inspector will promptly inform you about the accessibility of your website, along with a graphical representation of previously reported incidents.


Down for Everyone or Just Me

Another complimentary service, Down for Everyone or Just Me, informs you if your downtime issues are exclusive to you or if they affect everyone. The homepage features a collection of convenient links for swiftly verifying the status of popular sites across various categories such as banking, gaming, messaging, and shopping. Furthermore, users can access crucial real-time updates regarding ongoing outages. For WordPress site owners concerned about their site’s status, this tool offers the option to conduct complimentary performance and security evaluations; however, registration is required to access these features.

Simply enter your website address into the designated URL box and click the button.


Doj Me

Doj Me, short for “Down or Just Me,” is a website designed to assess website uptime. Using its free uptime tool, you can determine whether a website is currently operational. If it is, then the issue likely lies with your individual connection.

Input your URL into the designated field and click on button. Doj Me provides information regarding HTTPS status and ping success.



GTMetrix serves as a comprehensive site performance testing tool. Its premium suite enables you to monitor your website’s performance, identify slowdown factors, and gain insights into optimization strategies. Beyond mere uptime checks, the results page provides a detailed performance grade, speed metrics, and highlights any performance issues. Uptime tests are conducted automatically from GTMetrix’s Canadian server. However, to access tests from their additional six global locations, a free account registration is required.

For those seeking to simply assess a site’s status, the free tool suffices. Just enter your URL and click “Test your site” to initiate the process.


Hide My Name

HideMyName provides a VPN service along with a variety of complimentary tools including those for checking ping, port availability, and IP address, among others. To verify if your website is accessible, utilize the free Port Scanner tool. The test results will indicate whether the host is operational and provide information on response time.

Simply input your domain into the specified field, choose “Found on proxy servers” from the dropdown menu, and then click “Start scanning” to commence the process.


Host Tracker

Host-Tracker offers comprehensive website monitoring services, providing insights into the website’s status and response times across 50 servers spanning five continents. Additionally, you can utilize this tool to assess page speed, ping, and trace functionality. By signing up, users gain access to around-the-clock monitoring services, receiving detailed reports on uptime and response time, as well as the ability to schedule maintenance and receive alerts for database monitoring.

For quick and easy uptime checks, Host-Tracker provides a user-friendly free tool. Simply navigate to the web (http) tab, input your URL into the designated field, and click the button.


Is It Down Right Now

Is It Down Right Now? offers a complimentary website status checker to verify the availability of any site. Upon checking, the results page provides current status, response time, and downtime information. Additionally, users can view a convenient graph illustrating the website’s downtime history, along with troubleshooting instructions for self-resolution. For added convenience, users can add the Website Status Checker Bookmarklet to their bookmarks bar, enabling direct access to website statuses from the toolbar.

To utilize the tool, simply input the URL and click the button.



Montastic is an open-source web status checker that comes at no cost. If you seek a simple and straightforward tool for swiftly checking a website’s status, Montastic is an excellent option. Upon usage, you’ll promptly receive a message indicating whether the website is currently operational or experiencing downtime.

Simply input your domain and click the button.


Service Uptime

Service Uptime has conducted close to million website checks, utilizing five servers distributed across four locations in the USA and one in France. With this service, users can ascertain the status of their site, its loading speed, and overall performance. Additionally, the platform provides a graphical representation of network statistics and a summary of resources.

Using Service Uptime is straightforward; simply input your URL into the designated box and click the button.



Semonto is a SaaS tool designed for monitoring websites and servers, providing automatic notifications upon detecting issues. While it does not provide a free tool, a free trial of the premium software is available. Upon signing up, navigate to the dashboard and click on the “Add a website” button. Then, proceed to configure reachability tests by adjusting the settings according to your requirements.

To adjust the frequency of these tests, select the website you’ve added, and then click on the button.



Although Site24x7 primarily offers a paid website performance management SaaS suite, it also provides several free performance tools on its website. In addition to its uptime tool, you can access a blacklist check, service location finder, domain expiry checker, and various other utilities. The load time is displayed, accompanied by a graph illustrating the website’s availability results over time.

For those solely interested in checking a website’s status, the free website availability tool is sufficient. Simply input your domain name into the URL box and click the button.


UpTime Robot

UpTime Robot is a website monitoring tool offering 50 complimentary “monitors,” allowing for 50 automatic uptime checks with a five-minute interval between each. This functionality facilitates monitoring a website’s uptime within a four-hour timeframe.

To maintain continuous monitoring of a site, transitioning to a paid package is necessary.



Although Uptrends primarily provides a paid suite comprising automatic performance testing and monitoring tools, it also presents a complimentary website uptime test. Utilizing this service requires signing up for a free account. After logging in, input your domain and select a location from the dropdown menu. Then, click the “Start Test” button to view your website’s response time.

This tool not only allows you to assess response times across multiple global locations but also enables you to easily share the results with your team with just one click.


Website Planet

Website Planet offers a free tool named “Site Down or Not” which provides details on service status, response time, and response codes. Additionally, the website hosts a variety of other tools including a share link creator, image compression tool, QR code generator, and more. Visit the Website Planet website to access these resources.

Using the site is simple – just enter your URL and click the button.



Blogvault is a comprehensive WordPress plugin designed for backups, security, migrations, and monitoring. Upon registration, installing the plugin is essential. Beyond uptime testing, users can access visual regression testing, performance monitoring, and integrate Slack notifications throughout the trial period.

To monitor website status, simply sign up for a complimentary trial of its advanced website monitoring feature.



StatusCake offers a comprehensive website monitoring suite that keeps track of uptime, page speed, domains, servers, and various other metrics. To utilize this tool, you’ll need to register for a free account. During the signup process, you’ll be prompted to enter the initial website you wish to monitor. Upon logging in, your website will be displayed on the dashboard.

Simply click on the domain to check if the website is up, and you’ll receive detailed information regarding status periods and the root causes of any downtime.



Better Uptime is a contemporary monitoring solution that integrates uptime monitoring, incident management, and status pages into one elegantly crafted platform. Setting up the service only takes a few minutes, and thereafter, you’ll receive notifications whenever your website experiences downtime.



Cronitor is a contemporary uptime monitoring service boasting advanced functionalities and a user-friendly design accessible to all. Utilizing 12 global monitoring locations and checks that occur as frequently as every 30 seconds, you can rest assured knowing you’ll promptly receive alerts in the event of your website or API experiencing downtime.



HetrixTools enables you to monitor your websites and servers globally, every minute. By being promptly notified, you can effectively reduce downtime. Offering precise downtime detection, real-time error logging, PING/MTR samples during each outage, SSL/domain expiration monitoring, nameserver change detection, server resource monitoring, public status pages, and various other tools, it serves as an ideal monitoring solution for your websites and servers.



Hyperping is a convenient service that integrates uptime monitoring, status page monitoring, and incident management into a single tool, featuring a sleek user interface. It supports alerts through SMS, Slack, email, and more, ensuring you’re notified within seconds of your monitor going down. With a quick and easy setup process, you’ll be up and running in just a couple of minutes.



Pingdom is a robust and widely-used website monitoring service that helps businesses ensure their online presence remains reliable and responsive. With Pingdom, users can continuously monitor the uptime, performance, and availability of their websites, servers, and online applications from various locations worldwide. This comprehensive tool offers real-time alerts, detailed reports, and insightful analytics, enabling users to quickly identify and address any issues that may affect their online operations.



Uptime refers to the duration during which a system, service, or website is operational and available to users. It is a critical metric for businesses and organizations that rely on digital infrastructure to deliver services or content to their customers. Uptime is typically measured as a percentage of time that a system is available over a given period, with higher percentages indicating greater reliability and stability.



Uptrends monitors your website from multiple locations and promptly alerts you via email if any issues arise. Its intuitive dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of essential site metrics, with customizable options to tailor it to your preferences. Additionally, Uptrends offers the flexibility to export data in PDF or Excel format. What sets Uptrends apart is its free starter option, allowing you to get started with no upfront cost, making it a risk-free choice.



Looking to monitor your API as well? Look no further than WebGazer. With our platform, you can seamlessly monitor your API along with all the standard site monitoring features. Plus, you’ll enjoy a sleek status page for easy visualization. But that’s not all – WebGazer extends its monitoring capabilities beyond websites. Whether it’s cron jobs, IoT devices, or scheduled tasks, you’ll receive instant downtime notifications across all your systems.



Sematext provides a comprehensive suite of monitoring solutions, and synthetics is an integral part of our offerings. With Sematext Synthetics, you gain the ability to monitor your uptime and API performance from various locations, including private networks and behind firewalls. Our platform allows you to track network timings across multiple layers such as DNS, TCP, SSL, and HTTP. Through customized requests, you can effectively monitor your APIs and receive real-time notifications on your preferred platforms, including Slack, Email, Webhooks, and more, ensuring prompt action in case of any errors.

Synthetics also enables you to monitor your website’s performance effectively. You can access metrics related to page load performance, core web vitals, and the performance of third-party software, while also verifying reliability by assessing SLAs. All tests are conducted in real-time using the Google Chrome Browser, ensuring accurate and actionable insights into your website’s performance.



Datadog stands out as a robust cloud-based website monitoring solution. Beyond offering real user monitoring and synthetic monitoring capabilities. Infrastructure monitoring encompasses historical data tracking, latency tests evaluating response times, load times, and load error rates, along with alert systems powered by machine learning. The tracking of website uptime and enables swift troubleshooting through root-cause analysis.



Formerly recognized as DeepCrawl, Lumar presents a complete array of website intelligence solutions designed to identify opportunities for boosting traffic and monitoring trends over extended periods.
Lumar’s inclusive yet user-friendly platform caters to the needs of SEO specialists, marketers, engineers, and development teams across various scenarios, spanning from website audits to monitoring and SEO testing.


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