3 Best Svelte Static Site Generators 2024

Svelte is a component-based JavaScript framework that simplifies the process of building interactive and efficient web applications. Unlike traditional frameworks that shift much of the work to the browser, Svelte turns the heavy lifting to the build step, resulting in smaller and faster runtime code.

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Static site generators have gained prominence for their ability to produce fast, secure, and easily deployable websites. Unlike dynamic websites powered by server-side frameworks, static sites are pre-built during the development phase, reducing the need for server-side processing during runtime. This approach offers improved performance, easier scaling, and enhanced security.

Building a SvelteKit project with static site generation involves configuring the appropriate adapter and executing the build process. Once created, the resulting static files are straightforward to deploy to hosting services, making the deployment process clear and efficient.


SvelteKit has garnered widespread adoption, counting popular websites like Yarn and Brilliant among its users. As a Svelte static site generator (SSG), SvelteKit offers a compelling solution for developers seeking efficient web development tools. It’s recommended for those exploring Svelte SSG options to consider giving SvelteKit a try, given its prominent usage and positive reception.

For those interested in exploring SvelteKit further, it’s advisable to consult their official documentation. This comprehensive resource offers detailed guidance on getting started with SvelteKit and delves into advanced usage scenarios, ensuring a smooth and productive development experience.


  • Component-Based Architecture
  • Compiler-Based Approach
  • Smaller Bundle Sizes
  • Reactive Updates
  • Easy to Learn



Astro stands out as a contemporary static site generator, offering developers a flexible and efficient approach to building static websites. Engineered for speed, agility, and user-friendliness, it’s an ideal solution for developers seeking performant and maintainable web projects.

At the core of Astro lies a component-driven development model, simplifying the creation of reusable components and facilitating efficient state and data flow management. Additionally, Astro provides the flexibility to leverage preferred frontend frameworks such as Svelte, React, and Vue, enabling seamless integration of custom components into Astro pages and templates.


  • Image Optimization Integration
  • Sitemap Integration
  • MDX Integration
  • Tailwind Integration



Elder.js stands out as a static site generator meticulously crafted with a focus on optimizing for SEO. Developed by a small team of SEO specialists and developers, it was purposefully designed to address the intricate challenges of constructing top-tier SEO websites comprising over 100,000 pages.

A notable aspect of Elder.js is its seamless integration with Svelte, empowering developers to craft reusable UI components that can be effortlessly deployed across numerous pages or even disparate projects.


  • A Highly Optimized Build Process
  • Straightforward Data Flow
  • Community Plugins
  • Svelte Everywhere
  • Partial Hydration
  • Short Codes


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